Some of The Highlights Of The


Hohner Clavinet L

The baroque funk and rock legend of the 1970s




Should the aspiring funk musician's spouse veto the purchase of a Hohner Clavinet D6, we recommend this attractive Hohner Clavinet L. An ornament for any living space, bedroom included.

This was apparently also the opinion of Beethoven world star Friedrich Gulda: together with his partner he danced debauched around such a Clavinet L. NAKED!!!

But that somehow fits in with the baroque design of this wonderful instrument...



Switch for the pickups and the potentiometer



In order not to destroy the otherwise almost flawless look of such a Clavinet L, the two switches for the pickups and the potentiometer for the power amp were positioned discreetly under the keyboard.


Nut Rocker with the Hohner Clavinet L

Emerson, Lake & Palmer live in Switzerland, 1970