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Some of our exhibits - with YouTube videos


If you scroll all the way down the individual instruments, you'll almost always find videos at the bottom of the page that vividly show what each instrument sounds like. So you don't have to have a degree in music to get to know our instruments.... :-)

Unfortunately, our museum sloth didn't feel like dragging the instruments across the museum to be photographed for this "highlights" page. Therefore, we only show here what was standing nearby and was reasonably well cleaned. And that's why the following selection is also extremely incomplete and extremely arbitrary.

However, you are cordially invited to visit us in person in order to get to know some more of the approximately 2000 exhibits of the EBOARD­MUSEUM and, above all, to try out our instruments extensively. And if you have not practiced :-) you are welcome to let us play them for you.

Duophonic (dual voice) synthesizer from the 1970s

Extremely rare special edition of the Hohner Clavinet C

A successful eight-voice synthesizer of the 1980s

One of the first commercially available samplers

Italian analog electronic top-class spinet organ

The unique Italian stage piano produced from 2001

The first Hammond organ

A-100, A-101, A-102 and A-105

The epitome of the Hammond organ

The first edition of the "Funkiest Instrument Ever"

Early red and white version of the "Funkiest In­stru­ment Ever"

With its funky sound indispensable from the music of the 1970s

The baroque funk and rock legend of the 1970s

Transportable electro-mechanical piano from the late 1970s

The forefather of Ibanez phasers (device with foot switch to create sound effects for guitars, keyboards etc.)

One of the few true duophonic (two-voice) analog synthesizers of the 1970s

A Rare Variant of a famous KORG synthesizer modeled off a blackboard

The original analog Sampler

The first compact and easily transportable syn­the­si­zer





The Highlights of the EBOARD­MUSEUM in a book!



Classic Keys is a beautifully photographed and illustrated book focusing on the signature rock keyboard sounds of the 1950s to the early 1980s. It celebrates the Hammond B-3 organ, Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, the Vox Continental and Farfisa combo organs, the Hohner Clavinet, the Mellotron, the Minimoog and other famous and collectable instruments.

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