Some of The Highlights Of The


Ibanez Phase Tone PT-900

The forefather of Ibanez phasers (device with foot switch to create sound effects for guitars, keyboards etc.)




This inconspicuous tiny unit measuring 11cm x 6cm x 3,3cm is in reality a big world star!

After all, this Ibanez Phase Tone PT900 founded the gigantic product line of Ibanez - pardon the disrespectful although in the linguistic usage absolutely common term - floor pedals.

The euro in the photo serves only for the size comparison, and would not be sufficient today even for the installment-wise deposit of the Potiknobs!!!

This phaser provided from 1974 first once with guitarists for psychedelic effects, which were already reached to Flower and Power with large technical expenditure (and now and then also by supply of forbidden substances). But now, for the first time, they were available instantaneously in this absolutely compact format.

It is said that there are even museum employees in leading positions who once, in the absence of budgetary means, had actually seen and heard this Phase Tone PT-900 as a worthy Leslie imitation! Unimaginable what positions such unqualified ears occupy today...




In case you had wondered in the seventies why musicians were running around with screwdrivers during their breaks - instead of devoting themselves to fan support - here is the reason:

A connection for an external power supply? That was not yet provided for here. A bat­te­rie­compartment­cover for the quick replacement of the 9 volt block? That was not yet planned here either.

So the break had to be used to unscrew the bottom plate, and there by feeding a new battery also to ensure the success of the second half of the concert.

The autographs for the fans were then late in the night...
Ibanez - always nice...  :-)


Ibanez Phase Tone PT-900 (1974)

Presented by Davide Magni